Mindfulness: Our Strength and Confidence in Difficult Times, January 14-17, 2022
JAN 15, 4 - 8 pm PDT

We are living in exceedingly difficult times filled with a lot of uncertainty and worry.  This uncertainty and worry can bring with it a whole host of unpleasantness.  The more we worry about the uncertainty, the more our emotions intensify, leaving us franticly looking outside ourselves for a return to normalcy and safety.  Mindfulness reminds us of the true source of our stability.  It is in the wisdom of impermanence that we experience the light of the dharma enabling us to clearly see that our strength comes from the stillness within us not from conditions outside of us.  In the solitude of retreat practice, we gently disengage the thinking mind by turning towards and investigating the nature of uncertainty and worry.  Gradually, though awareness, we become renewed, inspired, and empowered.

This 3-day retreat will focus on mindfulness.  We will look it through the lens of the Satipatthana and investigate why it is important in today’s urban world, some of the benefits of regular practice, and a little bit about the science behind it.

The retreat will be held in Noble Silence with dharma talks and practice meetings with the teacher. We will practice both sitting and walking meditation with instructions each day.

All experience levels are welcome.

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