Seattle Insight Meditation Society (SIMS)

Tuere Sala is one of the co-Guiding Teachers at SIMS. SIMS offers a broad selection of Dharma opportunities including day-longs and non-residential retreats as well as ongoing weekly practice groups. Please explore the SIMS website for more information including vision and values, Schedule and Talk Library.

Seattle Insight Meditation Society (SIMS) is an all-volunteer Dharma community devoted to offering the Buddha’s teachings on wisdom and compassion to all those who seek them. Through meditation and daily practice, SIMS encourages an ongoing investigation of our lives for the liberation of all beings and the stewardship of the planet.

SIMS offers classes, Dharma talks, non-residential retreats and special events to support the development of mindfulness in daily life. SIMS is a welcoming space for all people to share Dharma practice. We make the teachings freely available to all regardless of the ability to pay.