These meditation/awareness practice meetings are offered strictly by Dana. Dana is a Pali word that means generosity or a gift from the heart. Traditionally, Buddha’s teachings were freely offered to the lay community by monastics and the lay community supported the monasteries through the practice of Dana. Within the Insight Meditation community, Dana is synonymous with financial support for teachers. The teacher offers the gift of Dhamma and the student offers whatever they can to support the teacher’s continued capacity to teach. There is no specific amount. Consider this a generosity practice where you sense when you are giving more than you can afford or less than you have received from the Dhamma. From there, one gives whatever is within their means and heart.

It is my intention to live within this principle when offering the Dhamma so I offer practice meetings as Dana to you and your continued practice. I offer them as inspiration, support, and guidance. Any financial gift you offer should be thought of as Dana to the Dhamma.

Thank you for your donation.

Your generosity helps me to offer these teaching to all who seek them.

May you live your life with ease.

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